Public Health Programme Management

IL&FS Education has an exclusive arm which specialises in handing multi-layered programmes in the healthcare sector. The group consists of Project Management experts in the domain of health awareness and community welfare programmes especially for the un-reached population living in the rural areas.

IL&FS Education has been selected by The Global Fund to fight against HIV/AIDS- Tuberculosis-Malaria (GFATM) in the Rolling Continuation Channel II (RCC II) as the first private Principal Recipient for the Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission (PPTCT) of HIV/AIDS Program in India along with National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), Ministry of Health, Government of India.

As the Principal Recipient of this programme, IL&FS Education has brought in a structured strategy in the administration of this programme. To make this programme more efficient and effective IL&FS Education is working in coordination with the State AIDS Control Organisation (SACS) of different implementing states and with local NGOs.

Currently the programme is running actively in 24 states and 2 Union Territories across 257 districts in India. There is current field force of 182 NGO partners with 2567 Outreach Workers, 247 District Coordinators and 18 Counsellors.

The objective of the PPTCT programme is to:

  • Develop Effective Mechanism for better coordination of the existing public health domain workers such as MPWs, ANMs or ASHAs with the ORWs of the PMTCT area
  • Minimise Lost to Follow Up cases from reportage through Integrated Counselling and Testing Centers and Follow-up of babies till the age of 18 months
  • Train and build additional capacity among Out Reach Workers for better cohesion in dealing with other health workers and other areas such as TB/HIV
  • Effective capture of information and reporting on Mother-Baby Pairing adherence to the medication practices for positive people (both mother and child)
  • Work in coordination with NACO and its state-level institutions for better monitoring and evaluation which could lead to more focused interventions..

In addition to the above-mentioned program, IL&FS Education has the capability of training Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) in different states. IL&FS Education has trained the ASHAs in two districts of Punjab (Ludhiyana and Sangroor).

IL&FS Education is presently training approximately 37000 ASHAs in 19 Districts of Bihar on ASHA training module 5, 6 & 7. IL&FS Education has been appointed the District Training Agency (for 19 District of Bihar) by the State Health Society, Department of Health, Government of Bihar.

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YPP Programme Structure

YPP Programme Structure