Catalyzing India’s Manufacturing Growth

IL&FS Clusters has been set up with an objective to provide commercially sustainable integrated solutions for development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), through a cluster based Public Private Partnership (PPP) approach that would enable them to become globally competitive. A comprehensive role play which brings all stakeholders together [policy makers (government), institutions (banks & other financing agencies) and the industry (MSMEs through clusters / associations)] in order to achieve the ultimate objective of improving the competitiveness of MSMEs

VISION: Cluster Development for MSMEs in farm and non-farm sectors, linking them to technology, finance and markets, to propel creation of 1 million jobs

Our Model: IL&FS Clusters’ service framework includes an array of services for cluster enterprises with emphasis on infrastructure creation/ up gradation, local/ regional economic development, skill development, livelihood generation/ enhancement and policy advisory services. There is also a strong focus on holistic development of clusters with special emphasis on promotion of Business Development Services (BDS) in areas like quality, productivity, marketing, technology etc. IL&FS Clusters has developed a high degree of expertise in the development, implementation, financing and management of cluster projects across a wide range of sectors especially involving diverse and multiple stakeholders.

IL&FS Clusters works in two major divisions – infrastructure & skill development. The infrastructure business in further divided into two major segments – industrial clusters and agricultural business

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